When moving:

It is important to be organized. If you are packing yourself make sure to use appropriate boxes (dish pack, wardrobe, and picture/mirror boxes) when packing mirrors make sure to put crumpled packing paper in the corners. Label all boxes (i.e., destination, fragile, etc). Empty out drawers (otherwise items shift and we cannot be responsible for contents of drawers not being emptied) as night stands and desks might be packed on their sides during the Tetris game of filling the truck. Most clothes can stay in drawers. For heavier furniture these can be pulled out and shrink-wrapped. This will save you boxes and personal time putting items back away. When taking apart your bed frame or electronics, make sure to wind -up cords and bag all hardware. Securely tape them to the back of the item or keep them in a safe spot. When packing don’t use duct tape, as it does not adhere to cardboard. Use clear packing tape.

When Cleaning:

To save you time and money, always start the self-clean on the oven. Be aware if the landlord is painting or putting new carpet in. This will save you from washing walls and cleaning the carpet (which is also a service we provide). Also it is always best to take pictures when moving into your new residence for record of the condition. This is always helpful if you have a disagreement with your landlord upon the condition of moving out.